Darwin Fish
In His Own Words
Darwin Fish Denounces Christianity as False

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"I do not want to be identified with Christianity . . . I want to be identified as being outside of it"—Darwin Fish, 22 June 1995.
"By thy words thou shalt be condemned" (Matthew 12:37).

Darwin Fish Vs. Christianity

indentThe following statements are exact quotations from tapes of Darwin Fish's preaching. Most of these excerpts were transcribed by Jeff Simmons:

We have an entire Christian population that is devoid of the Spirit of Truth, and it's scary . . . it's too scary to stand alone. But I am convinced that this is by design . . . Satan deceives the whole world, the entire earth . . . I believe God has allowed all of this confusion for a purpose ("Another Look at Second John"—part two 7/17/94).

Noah stood alone . . . He had to stand completely alone . . . Well, are you going to say I couldn't be the only one? . . . If you have to stand alone, so be it, so be it . . . Truth is not by majority vote . . . You'll be accused of claiming to have a monopoly on the truth and all you have to do is lift up your Bible and say show me where I'm wrong . . . So automatically if you are claiming to be the true, it says, hey, anything that is going against what I'm saying here is a lie. But they come at you like, ah, you shouldn't make that kind of a stand . . . Those who oppose what you are preaching are in error ("Biblical Separation" 9/18/94).

If you are in prominence Satan wants to destroy you. I know Satan wants to destroy me . . . In fact, I even had a dream . . . I really believe the dream was from God. I really do . . . Well, I had this dream in particular about this man . . . I really felt it was a warning from God . . . I'm very thankful because I know the enemy wants to destroy me ("Peter Before the Resurrection" 8/8/93).

This is a scary job that God has given me ("When is the Rapture?" 11/20/94).

Christianity today? They say they are Christians but they are not. It's the church of the Devil ("Revelation" 9/3/95).

Who opposed Christ? Who crucified Christ? The religious. Right? The supposedly right religion . . . Here we have the same thing . . That's where I've experienced most of my persecution, hostility, and severe hatred. It's from the quote, unquote Christians . . . All of these manmade agenda churches around the world, particularly here in America . . . Some of us this day might be dead by some of these people ("Revelation"—part two 9/10/95).

It seems the Christian realm has completely forgotten the flood. Only eight people were saved. This is a common argument against us . . . They just say, hey, look your gates too narrow . . . This is the way the Lord has designed it. He's designed that few would be saved ("The Flood and the Few" 8/20/95).

We can know if someone is teaching error or not by whether they listen to us. Those supposed Christians are of the world, therefore, they speak as of the world and the world hears them. We are of God. He who knows God hears us. He who is not of God does not hear us . . . The hatred and persecution that we receive is a sign of our salvation . . . John 1:11 says, He came to His own and His own did not receive Him. As we've seen before in John chapter 6, He would teach unpopular things. I must make a parallel to my own teaching because I know I don't teach popular things . . . It is so distressing to see those who oppose us because we know they are opposing God ("Rejoice in That Day" 6/12/94).

Noah stood and he was the only preacher of righteousness in his day . . . He was the only one on the entire planet . . . Paul was left standing alone . . . Where would you be if I was gone? . . . Describing this false Christianity of our day it's just like the jews in the past. They call on the Lord but it's not in truth. They call on God but it's a lie. It's a farce! It's a farce! . . . I want to be clear. I don't want to be deceptive. I don't want to be underhanded. I don't want to beat around the bush . . . I want to be very clear. We oppose it! We oppose it! We do not stand, we do not stand in what is called Christianity today . . . They'll say you think you are the only one with the truth. Well, no doubt when Jesus said I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father but by Me, what was He saying? I Am the only one with the truth ("For the Record"—part two 6/29/95).

God gave John further Revelation and insight into who God is . . . In revealing who the Holy Spirit is, Revelation more than once reveals that there are more than one, seven . . . I'm not making this stuff up, I mean this is just right there" ("For the Record"—part one 6/22/95)

I do not want to be identified with Christianity . . . I want to be identified as being outside of it . . . This next one really sets us apart. It makes me really wonder about the history of Christianity and what is going on today and what is taught. And I'll tell you if you speak against this subject you will be immediately considered a heretic . . . I'm talking about the Trinity . . . The Trinity is never used in the Bible ("For the Record"—part one 6/22/95).

They have placed us to be in error based on historical Christianity, the traditions of men . . . The word Trinity isn't even a Biblical term . . . I find it amazing how they cry heresy, heresy, when you say something about the Trinity when the word is not even found in Scripture . . . If you look in the commentaries you will note that many commentaries believe that the three Holies speak of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit . . . You may find it interesting to note that in the Greek majority text by Hodges and Farstad which depicts the Greek reading of the New Testament according to what is found in the majority of Greek manuscripts Revelation 4:8 has nine Holies . . . We've taken a stand that the church is really a farce . . . It's really a false church. It's really not the true church ("Outside the Camp" 7/27/95)